Buddhi de Mal's Sinhala Sensation Makes Waves in Hollywood: An Exclusive Interview with Saroj Pathirana

In a groundbreaking move that marks the fusion of Sinhala music with Hollywood glamour, Buddhi de Mal, a talented musician hailing from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, has achieved a remarkable feat by integrating his Sinhala composition into a Hollywood film. In an exclusive interview with renowned journalist Saroj Pathirana, Buddhi de Mal shares the inspiring journey that led to this unprecedented collaboration.

Buddhi de Mal, whose musical roots trace back to Moratuwa, embarked on a transformative journey to the United States to further his musical education. The U.S. Green Card played a pivotal role in facilitating his musical pursuit, opening doors to opportunities that would eventually lead him to Hollywood.

During his time in the U.S., Buddhi formed a profound connection with Hollywood film director Guy Longstreet. The serendipitous friendship blossomed amidst the bustling world of music, setting the stage for a collaboration that would break new ground in the global entertainment industry.

In a cinematic twist, Guy Longstreet was on the brink of releasing his latest creation, “Black Jade,” on Amazon Prime Osse. As fate would have it, Buddhi de Mal found himself inspired by the film and had a vision – a vision that would bridge cultures and bring Sinhala music to the forefront of Hollywood.

The epiphany struck when Buddhi realized that his composition, “You’re Mine, Me, My May,” crafted by the talented Somalatha Herath, harmonized seamlessly with the thematic elements of “Black Jade.” Eager to share his revelation with Guy Longstreet, Buddhi proposed the idea of integrating his Sinhala song into the film.

To the delight of music enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts alike, Guy Longstreet not only embraced the idea but also agreed to incorporate Buddhi de Mal’s song into the new version of “Black Jade.” This historic moment marks the first time a Sinhala song has made its way into Hollywood, a testament to the power of artistic collaboration and cultural exchange.

In his interview with Saroj Pathirana, Buddhi de Mal expresses gratitude for the support and openness of Guy Longstreet, highlighting the significance of this collaboration in fostering global appreciation for diverse musical expressions. As “Black Jade” continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the inclusion of “You’re Mine, Me, My May” adds a unique and resonant touch to the cinematic experience.

This groundbreaking collaboration not only underscores the universality of music but also serves as an inspiring tale of cross-cultural unity, proving that the language of art knows no boundaries. Buddhi de Mal’s journey from Moratuwa to Hollywood exemplifies the limitless possibilities that arise when passion, talent, and opportunity converge on the global stage.